ELT Corner

The ELT Corner of the School of English is located in the new wing of the Faculty of Philosophy in the PC lab area and it is addressed to:

  • undergraduate students of the department doing their Teaching Practice
  • postgraduate students interested in conducting research on teaching materials
  • young teachers of English starting off their career
  • experienced teachers of English wishing to enrich their lessons

The ELT corner gives access to a wealth of resources, including:

  • ELT course books from a range of publishing houses
  • Interactive Whiteboard Software
  • Audio CDs
  • Photocopiable material
  • Graded readers
  • Flashcards
  • Posters
  • Board games
  • Dictionaries and thesauruses
  • ELT resource books and magazines

The above material is constantly being updated and is available to students of the department who can either borrow it or use it in the ELT Corner. The ELT Corner is open three days a week:

  • Tuesday: 9:00-11:30
  • Thursday: 11:00-14:00
  • Friday: 9:00-11:30


tel: 2310 99 7417 email: eltcorner@enl.auth.gr


Marina Mattheoudakis and Thomai Alexiou.